Telling Our Tale: The Earth and Sun and Stars

There’s a book sitting on my desk. I had taken it out from the library a few weeks ago and, yet, still haven’t felt called to read it. Instead, I have opened it at random moments to random pages seeking a sign, confirmation, inspiration. 

The book is called If Women Rose Rooted, and the page I opened to this morning begins with words from D.H. Lawrence: 

“Oh what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made a personal, merely personal feeling, taken away from the rising and setting of the sun, and cut off from the magic connection of the solstice and equinox. This is what is the matter with us. We are bleeding at the roots, because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars…” 

And then the chapter begins, titled, “Reclaiming Our Stories.” 

I’ve been wanting to tell the tale of my skincare line, and I think it begins here, with a reminder of our lost roots. With the tragedy and grief of forgetting our source. 

In writing any tale, we must begin with why this story deserves to be told. And what do we hope our readers will take from it—how will it grow them? 

So I have posed this question to myself: why do I create skincare products? Why have I chosen this as part of my purpose, my mission here on the planet? We have such limited time to accomplish what we are here to accomplish so, if I have chosen this, I must have chosen it because it is important. 

And it is hard for me to answer the question, not because I don’t have reasons or a sense of purpose, but because (pun intended) the answer is not merely skin deep. 

In my mind when I try to answer, responses whirl about the soul, about our soul’s beauty and being who we are, and about being stewards of our planet. 

And then, most resounding, is the answer that speaks of our connection: to ourselves, to each other, to our planet, to our god or our source. 

We are bleeding at our roots. That’s why I started this line. One reason, at least. I wanted to discover, together, how to attach us, again. How to stop the bleeding and land our feet on the ground, in the soil, in the earth. 

I wanted to remember that we are aligned with the planets, the sun, the stars. 

That our skin, our beauty, is somehow an expression of all of this. 

That we are not alone. So we must honor our bodies in ways that announce our connection. And we must honor each other.

We are linked. 

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