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"I have the worst armpits in the world." Here's What You Can Do.

Recently, I found this message in my Facebook inbox:

“I have the worst armpits in the world, they are always dark and red. I've literally tried everything. What can I do—and how long does it take for underarms to detox?”

Because she's not the only one who's ever asked me this, I've decided to share my reply with all of you.

Yes, detoxing your body can certainly take time. Our skin is our largest organ and it is a huge gateway for our body. Like a super highway, things enter and leave our body through our skin.

What this means is that when our liver, spleen, gall bladder or small intestine are overburdened or toxic, the body will use the skin to expel what’s harming our organs. This is why many people experience breakouts, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, irritation, etc.

In your case, because the lymph nodes are rooted right under your underarms, it’s possible that they’re trying to expel excess waste through your armpits, creating redness, darkness, and irritation. 

Stopping your conventional, chemical-laden deodorant is a huge step in detoxing. We don’t want to add more toxins to the area that’s trying to release. 

Sometimes, though, that’s not enough: we need to clear our bodies on a deeper level. 

Try to avoid foods that aggravate your major digestive organs like the liver, spleen, stomach, gall bladder and intestines. These include fried foods, cow dairy products, artificial ingredients including artificial colors (you’ll see things like red #2 or blue #1 on the food label), preservatives, and sweeteners. Be mindful of your caffeine consumption and refined sugars + flours, too. These products are loaded with harmful chemicals that overburden our organs and create toxicity within. In an attempt to protect ourselves, our bodies try to release these excess toxins through our skin, bringing out those skin irritations. 

It’s not just about elimination: consider adding in some powerful detoxifiers to your diet. Dark leafy greens are a must: consider spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. Cucumbers are great for flushing the system because they’re ripe with water. In fact, drink as much water as you can to encourage your body to keep releasing. This may, in the short term, provoke your body to continue releasing through your skin. Overtime, though, your body will rebalance itself once a lot of excess toxicity is released. Superfood green powders with spirulina and chlorella are also fantastic. Eat as much plant-based, real food as you can. 

Another thing to consider is that the physical body is a means through which our spiritual body speaks to us. Rashes, irritation, and redness are signals, messages from our bodies of something deeper or systemic going on. Symptoms are there to alert us of a larger physical or spiritual problem.

Sometimes, we develop redness and irritation in parts of our body because we’re holding onto anger or frustration. Skin irritation is often linked to anxiety, fear, and things from your past that you have buried. I have absolutely experienced this firsthand.

It may sound silly, but wake up each day with affirmations: say them to yourself in the mirror. I like affirmations that begin with, “I am,” because that’s a powerful way to create yourself and your destiny: be your own creator and manifester. 

You can try affirmations like:

I am beauty.

I am radiant.

My body and skin are clear.

I am healthy.

I respond to life with grace and ease.

I am connected to my body and I hear its messages.

In addition, you may like to try my Love-Your-Body deodorant. I’ve created it to nourish your body and allow it to detox naturally. It will support you in looking and feeling healthy on the deepest levels.

You can also try rubbing fresh aloe vera under your arms and, if possible, abstain from shaving your underarms for a bit. Maybe rotate shaving every other day, just to give your underarms even a one-day breather before shaving again. Consider what you’re shaving your arms with, too. If it’s got chemicals, you should ditch it. Again, consider shaving with coconut oil as your “shaving cream.” (I shave my underarms with the Peaceful Woman Face Oil or one of my creams, like the Hands + Feet Cream.)

I know it can be frustrating to have parts of your body not responding the way you’d like. Remember not to focus on the negative: “I want the irritation under my arms to just go away,” or “I hate my underarms.” And, instead, focus on what you want to create: remember, “I am beauty.”


She tried my Love-Your-Body Deodorant, and after a month, here’s what she’s saying about it:

Get yours here.

Discover how to detox your armpits and why here.

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Actress Viva Bianca Hearts ASHLEY ASTI | SheRa Magazine

*Article originally posted on SheRa Magazine by Viva Bianca.

YOU GUYSS…! I’ve stumbled upon a skin care oasis that is too awesome not to share!

This is why I’m lunging across this computer screen with joy right now!! By sheer good luck, when perusing Sustainably Chica blogger I profiled a few weeks ago for “Blogger of The Week,” being the skincare addict that I am, I took pause when I saw ASHLEY ASTI featured in their e-shop. “We do not chase the fountain of youth, but show you how to become the people to whom deep rejuvenation belongs,” their website pledges. This got me thinking . . . since ASHLEY ASTI's essential philosophy is so complicit with SheRa Mag’s—the celebration of female-awesomeness rather than the perpetuation of the male gaze jail-sentence)—and since much of their ingredients were similar to the essential oils and herbs used by Isun, I decided to investigate.

[ . . . ] ASHLEY ASTI's Lavender & Lemon cleanser combines just the right combination of detoxification and replenishment and their Lavender Face Mist is both calming and refreshing. Injecting pure moisture deep into the pores, their Blue Chamomile Ultimate Face Oil is a revelation, while their Ultimate Face Cream, rich in Rose Geranium, Blue Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Lime Peel, and Rose, is deeply hydrating and surprisingly non-oily.

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*article written by Katherine Martinko

From its line of organic, vegan, non-toxic products to its glass packaging, ASHLEY ASTI is on a mission to change the world through wellness.

Whenever I receive a new order of organic skin care products, I pay close attention to the packaging. That says a lot about a company’s true commitment to the environment. So when a parcel recently arrived from ASHLEY ASTI, I was thrilled to see it come in a tiny cardboard box, with each glass bottle wrapped snugly in shredded brown paper. Clearly this is a company that cares.

The line of ASHLEY ASTI skin care products is just as impressive as its packaging. Made from 100% organic, vegan, and non-toxic ingredients, the products are designed to support, rather than interfere, with the skin’s natural processes.

“Your skin knows how to heal itself,” Ashley wrote to TreeHugger. “All we have to do it honor it.”

Read the full review here.

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Wellness Skincare | Organic, Nontoxic & Vegan

"ASHLEY ASTI is the organic skincare line to try!!"
A beautiful review of our line by Sustainably Chic.
“We will change the world through wellness—body, mind, and spirit.”

I'm happy to say after all this search for a natural deodorant that works, I have finally found one! ASHLEY ASTI not only has my favorite deodorant {which a men's version was just recently launched}, but I have been using the toothpowder in replace of my toothpaste, and absolutely loving it. While quite different tasting at first, my mouth feels so fresh and clean after brushing. The oils and misters are completely refreshing, as well. All in all, ASHLEY ASTI is the organic skincare line to try!! 

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