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Imagine a World Without "Anti-Aging"

*article originally published on The Essential Life


I believe that we deserve to know our own beauty & worth.

I believe that we are always in process & that showing up as we are is one of the most courageous things we can do.

I believe it is time for us to reclaim our stories & reclaim our bodies—to bare them with truth & love & compassion. When we let our beauty exist, naturally, we offer ourselves as teachers: I am not afraid of this body that I have, we say. I will not hide it or shun it or tell it it’s not enough. I embrace my beauty. By embracing our beauty, we free others to do the same.

I also firmly believe that we need to lose the language of “anti-wrinkle” & “anti-aging.” Imagine if those words suddenly went missing. Overnight, our skincare products would transform, leaving empty spaces where “anti-wrinkle” & “anti-aging” were once boldly displayed on boxes & plastic bottles.


Not a single person would utter the words in a face cream commercial & all of those fountain-of-youth advising books would suddenly find gaps in the middle of their sentences. 

Poof. The words, everywhere, would disappear.

But it’s not just the words. Imagine what that would mean, a world where we could never speak the language of “anti-aging” again. 

It would mean we would finally allow our bodies the chance to be seen as they shape-shift & change—as they enter the flow of time and grow marks & scars & lines; we would not hide the truth of ourselves. By bringing our bodies into the open as they are, we would celebrate them for showing the richness of our lives; they carry our stories.

The more adamantly we try to reverse time, the more we fight our own strength and beauty: as we expand with age, we rise up, rooted in our intuition & our wisdom. To chase the fountain of youth is to forget what a blessing being an elder & a seer is. We do not sacrifice beauty by aging; no—we sacrifice only when we resist age’s flow, hushing our innate powers.


Knowing your worth & your beauty is not a privilege, it is why you are here: to express your fullness—to express your passions, your purpose, your love. 

Sisters, root yourself in the Grandmother Spirit. Set your intuition aflame and swell with your own wisdom.

We need you, exactly as you are.

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