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Ashley Asti on Enlightened Empaths Podcast

The latest podcast episode of Enlightened Empaths is out—and I was their guest! I talked what it was like to create my line, my beliefs about beauty and aging, my work with women in prison, and my new book, Dear Sisters.
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"Incarceration is the new cancer" - In Conversation with Melissa Bee

"If you act from powerlessness, then you see powerlessness.
If you try to be one of the people helping, then what you get to see is other people helping. Then that's the world you live in."
—Melissa Bee

In this conversation, co-founder and She-EO of Adopt an Inmate, Melissa Bee, talks about transforming the prison system + the importance of holding people accountable while leading with compassion + humanity.

95% of state prisoners return home to their families + our communities. Melissa believes that, to heal, "People need to feel worthy."

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In Conversation with Dr. Sabrina Caliendo: Awakening Your Gifts

I believe Dr. Sabrina Caliendo's energy is transformative and this conversation will bring you closer to your gifts.

I believe she transforms by being authentic and fearlessly sharing her truth.

Dr. Caliendo happens to manifest her gifts through her work as a chiropractor at her own practice, Nurture Wellbeing, where she specializes in the gentle but impactful, body- and spirit-shifting technique Network Spinal Analysis.

Ready to feel her magic? 


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