*Sunday Inspiration* - August 23, 2020

I came across this photo series, published recently in The New Yorker. Anna Grevenitis, a mom and photographer, has been photographing her daughter Lulu for well over a decade. Lulu is now a teenager who happens to have Down syndrome.

As a Board Member of a nonprofit that supports and celebrates families with babies with Down syndrome, this photo series, called “Regard,” is particularly meaningful to me. Anna describes passersby as greeting her daughter Lulu with everything from curiosity to pity to just staring awkwardly—gawking.

So Anna wanted to both capture what it feels like to be gawked at while also just depicting Lulu’s daily life, a daily life that, it turns out, looks mundanely normal. Because, at the end of the day, Lulu is a teen, just like any other teen, growing up, doing chores, leaning on family, painting her nails, finding her way.

You can check out the full series and article here.

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