Skincare and the wave toward peace | Ashley Asti


We will never be well without compassion. Health cannot spring from the toxins of violence, slavery, confinement, disconnection, and exclusivity. These toxins weigh not only on our bodies, but our hearts. 

My mission in birthing my skincare line was and is deeper than skin—I wanted to plant the seeds of compassion, of self-care, self-worth, love, kindness to all living beings and the earth, and connection to spirit and nature. This is beauty you can feel, the beauty that does not require eyes or mirrors, only heart and soul.

I resolve to create only with a clear light illuminating this mission. Organic, vegan skincare is simply one of my expressions of this wave toward peace. Every choice I make in my work and every communication I have with you must embody this mission, compassion. If not, our creations lose all meaning.

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