Secrets of a Queen Oil: Rose

Rose essential oil is a “Queen” oil—rare, regenerative, and reigning over the plant world with its energy of love, sensuality, and compassion. 


It imparts yin energy, which is soft, nurturing, slower and introspective, imaginative, sensitive, and intuitive. 
What’s so powerful, energetically, about rose essential oil is it has one of the highest frequencies of all plant oils. When we grace our bodies with an oil that resonates at a high vibration, we become attuned or entrained to it, rising with it. Essential oils with the highest frequencies influence our emotions and our spirits, elevating our moods and aligning us with our hearts and souls. 
Everything is energy—including our thoughts, our words, our food, our bodies. To shift our wellbeing, we must begin by shifting our frequency.
Rose is also a queen healer, rejuvenating skin and offering us the energy of longevity. 
It contains farnesol, an innate and natural compound which smoothes wrinkles and tones skin by increasing its elasticity. 
I must note: I believe your beauty is magnetic, exactly as you are, so wrinkles do not dissuade from your beauty, only add to it, carrying your story and all the years you’ve lived. So choose rose essential oil to honor and nourish your skin, to grace it with radiance, not to chase an elusive and inconsequential fountain of youth. 
The farnesol compound in rose essential oil also promotes cell regeneration and activates the creation of collagen, the central protein that makes up your skin. Rose is impactful.
Imbued, intrinsically, with sweet-smelling narol, rose essential oil protects the skin with an antibiotic quality. This quality supports skin in radiating with vitality, health, and clarity, keeping the bacteria that leads to acne away.
Rose also carries a subtle and graceful boldness, expressing the truth of our hearts. It is full of soul, not bravado. 
Nourishing our heart chakra, rose supports us in rising through pain, grief, and sorrow, filling us and nurturing us through waves of struggle or emptiness. Remember, you will rise, again, and your challenges will underpin your ascent. 
Rose resonates with the root chakra, grounding our emotions, keeping us unruffled in the face of upheaval and reminding us of our roots, of where we come from. It imbues us with peace and security, instead of flight and fear. In yoga, they call this quality samtosha—the essence of peace despite the rising and falling tides of our lives. 
Rose is also one of the most expensive essential oils to produce. Know that you are worthy and, when you grace yourself with its aroma or apply it to your skin, remember to express gratitude to Mother Earth for its time-intensive offering. It is nature’s labor of love, a gift of her creation.
And know that rose essential oil is an oil of self-love, self-compassion, and self-nurturing. May you allow it to honor your temple and touch your heart, awakening a glow that blossoms from within. 



The following ASHLEY ASTI products contain rose's magical essence:

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