It's time we opt-out of labels.

We’re raising the bar with our new zero-waste options. Because we know that caring for your body also means caring for our planet.

Want to help protect the planet?

Choose label-free.

Labels require chemically-coated paper, chemical adhesives, and chemical inks, all of which burden the planet. 

It is with great responsibility that we choose not to turn a blind eye to this burden, which is why we’re now offering you the option to go label-free.

When selecting a product from our online store, save $1 by choosing the “without paper label” option. This means we’ll send you your product without a label, just a simple, zero-waste glass jar. 

Let your bottle bare it all to save money and protect the planet from unnecessary waste.

We understand that opting out of the label isn’t always possible when you’re ordering two products with the same jar and top, but we urge you to drop the label when you can.

Caring for the earth is our responsibility—and it’s intimately connected to our own health. When the earth is sick, we get sick, too. 

Together, we can be the change.

Shop (and bare it all) here.

The first commandment of ASHLEY ASTI:

i. We do not believe that poisoning the earth or the animals that live upon it is an option. To create a beautiful world, we must create with peace. We promise products of pure and peaceful intentions.


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