Your Skin is Amazing. Which is Why Quick Fixes Don't Work.

We have become a society consumed by “quick fixes.” Wanting fast results and convenience, not only in our lives but with our skin.

But our skin is a living, breathing organ that’s actually quite complex. 

Every square inch of skin has 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, more than a thousand nerve endings. Skin acts as a barrier to the world outside, protecting us; it keeps our body temperature stable; it absorbs the sun’s energy, which is converted into nutrients we need; it protects us from UV rays; it stores fats and water; it allows waste to leave and what we need to enter; and, with its thousands and thousands of nerve endings, it allows us to feel—to connect. 

Healthy skin is not necessarily always blemish-free skin. Skin is not meant only as an ornament, for show. Skin has a vital role in our bodies; it’s the largest organ we have. Which means skin responds to what’s going on inside us. And, as we know, we are always changing. So our skin will move and change with us. This is ok. 

If there’s too much toxicity in our bodies, it will come out through our skin. This is not something to disparage, to get angry over and to seek a “quick fix” for—this is our skin keeping us safe by pouring what’s not meant to be in our bodies out through its pores. This is a normal, healthy response.

When this happens, it is our body and our skin calling on us to make loving, conscious, long-term changes to the way we’re living, if and when we can: perhaps to change what we eat, or what we drink, or what we think and do; or the words we take in; or the stress that’s in our lives. 

We cannot heal our skin without taking a deeper look within ourselves. 

Which is why, when we care for our skin with different products, we should not choose products merely to make ornamental, surface changes: “fight wrinkles,” “banish blemishes,” etc. Instead, we should honor it as the major organ it is and let it bathe not in toxic chemicals that might make our pimples disappear for a day without solving the underlying problem; no—instead, may we let our skin bathe in pure, healthy, natural ingredients that support health day in and day out. That nourish.

We should feed our skin; not cover it up.

And once we know we have fed it well, we should allow it to do its job, celebrating its beauty. 

Because beauty is not keeping skin stagnant, looking only one way every single day of the year, every single year of our lives. Beauty is change. Beauty is our skin moving and flowing and changing with us, reflecting the way we move, flow, grow, and grow through challenge throughout our lives.

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