Podcast: Is the way you eat an expression of Love?

What if you fed your body as if eating were a celebration of your creation?

As if your body was an extension of God, the carrier of your soul? 

Choosing to nourish yourself with healthy food is not about looking ‘good’, but about expressing Love and gratitude to your soul and the Spirit that animates it. 

Today’s podcast conversation is about why we deserve to care for our bodies and how to align with healthier eating habits through the power of awareness and love. 

Ashley Asti Live is an empowering show about wellbeing, connecting you to the beauty and magnetism of your own soul. 

Ashley Asti is a wellness teacher, creator of an organic skincare line designed to honor our bodies and our planet, and author of several books including The Moon and Her Sisters and I Have Waited for You: Letters from Prison.

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