Our Birth Story

I seek not merely to create products for your skin, but to imagine who we are when we wear them.

I think I’m searching to find ways to describe my skincare line—why I create it—because it’s still somewhat elusive to me, more than skin: it’s an avenue for me to express how I believe we deserve to move through the world. 

A whole way for us to contemplate who we are.

My skincare line does not move from my heart alone—it goes deeper.

From the belly, the gut.

Because when I think about how I move through the world, which part of me leads, I don’t think about my heart; I go 


Into the center of me, the core, like someone’s grabbing me by the gut and saying, “From here!” 


Because my skincare line was not born from that airy place of “pretty.” 

It was not born from “Look at me!” “Pick me!” 

Not born from “clean” beauty, the kind that erases, whitens, shrinks, falsifies, homogenizes, covers up.

Not born shallow without roots. Not born from thinness, wispiness, but from the thickness—the fullness—of our beings.

Not born without the holy trinity: body, breath, and soul. 

Not born graceless or without peace, but hard-won. Unfurled instead of swiftly rolled out.

My skincare line is born from the richness of grey, celebrating the in-between, the in-process, the undefined, the living on the edge of infinite possibility. 

It is born from our Mother, the earth itself. 

It grows from connection and learns from compassion received and expressed. 

It is humble and grateful and amazed by its existence itself! But it is not timid. 


When we wear it, we are not morphed into something else. Our beauty is not outsized, made colossal. Instead, our beauty is seen, acknowledged exactly as it is. And that’s why our beauty seems so amplified when we wear it. Honoring the light within makes our beauty stand taller, grow brighter—Bloom.

When we wear it, we are stewards of the earth and children of the earth.

When we wear it, we remember where it came from and we see: we’re connected. 

When we wear it, we are kind to ourselves. We see our bodies as a temple. And we extend that same reverence to our friends, our neighbors, our family. Even the animals and companion creatures. 

When we wear it, we are ourselves. 

And maybe that’s the gift: we stop trying to be anyone else. 

We set ourselves free: 

I am who I am who I am.

I am more than enough. 

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