Objectifying Women at the Royal Wedding

When did it become so normal to publicly assess the way a woman looks? Listening to MSNBC as guests walked into the royal wedding yesterday, I kept hearing the commentators say things like, "Look at her waist!" as if that's the best thing we can celebrate about her. As if the size and shape of her hips determines her worth. As if we have any right to say how her body should be shaped and whether the form she comes in is beauty.
Let me assure you: her body is beauty because it was made by god. Because it has carried her through every moment of her life and because it holds her story. Her body is beauty because it is the keeper of her soul.
Do not obscure true beauty with your judgment.
We were not put here to determine what beauty is and isn't, but to open enough, through clear hearts and clear eyes, to see the truth: beauty is everywhere.
Isn't that freeing?
And to see in the mirror of humanity: we are beauty, too.

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