My Beef With #OilWars

There are some oil wars going on out there—face oil, that is. Some skincare brands (not mentioning names) are marking their territory, saying “my oil is better than yours.”

Girl, please.

Instead of knocking each other down, trying to one-up each other, we should be celebrating: growing access to safe self-care products means greater awareness, greater health, and a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

In this case, more competition is not a downer.

After all, we’re all rooting for the same thing (right?): wellbeing, stretching from our heads to our toes and down into the soil

I’m in this fight (to save our health + our planet) because it matters. Because the products we use on our skin and the food we eat shouldn’t be poisoning us. Because being mindful of the legacy we leave to future generations is not only good sense, but morally unequivocal. 

Do I want you to buy my oil? Of course. 

Do I think it’s the best? It’s pretty damn good. 

But am I going to (even humorously) start hash tagging #oilwars? Hell no. There are real oil wars going on, and the language we use (even to sell skincare products) matters

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