Ingredient Spotlight: Blue Chamomile

Calm your skin and welcome in waves of peace with blue chamomile.

The Legend:

Lauded by the Ancient Egyptians, blue chamomile oil was offered to the sun god, Ra, for its medicinally healing powers.

Skin Benefits:

Blue chamomile essential oil is vibrantly blue because of its rich azulene content. Azulene fills the oil with potent anti-inflammatory qualities. It soothes redness and irritation for clear, calm skin.
Blue chamomile essential oil is gently nourishing, ideal for sensitive, delicate skin.
The oil is naturally in tune with skin, working to restore balance to all skin types. It evens skin's oil production for a hydrated—but never greasy—complexion.
It soothes and relieves scars, burns, and rashes.
Known for calming skin and reducing inflammation, blue chamomile soothes under-eye circles and puffiness for a refreshed glow.

Energetic Benefits:

This oil's color, blue, supports the throat chakra, the energetic space of communication and full expression of your truth. 

In color theory, its blue balances out red, offering coolness and waves of peace to balance the red of anger and aggression. 
It feels like smooth ocean waves and peaceful blue skies. 

You can find blue chamomile in: 

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