Full Moon in Scorpio: Essential Oils

Tomorrow is a full moon in the watery sign of Scorpio. Despite its watery nature, it carries with it the fiery and volcanic potential for deep transformation. It is a time to send your wishes, prayers, and most soulful needs into the cosmos and to remember that you are not alone: the power of the Universe resides within you


This full moon reminds you to ground and spiritually expand, extending your consciousness in both directions. It is a time to let go and embrace your own metamorphosis—to turn in upon yourself in order to grow your personal power.


Essential oils to guide you in riding the wave and the fire of this full moon:



(the Signature oil of Scorpio; grounds you; connects you to Scorpio’s sensual energy + 

desire; encourages spiritual expansion)



(connects you to the divine, helping you send love and prayers to the cosmos; stimulates an 

opening of your intuition and higher levels of consciousness)



(supports your body + spirit in clearing past trauma and dispelling negative energies




(balances you as you ride the wave of change; connects you to self-compassion and inner harmony)


Ylang ylang

(bold and sensual, it builds in you inner power)



(opens your channel to consciousness; deepens your intuition)

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