Experience Our Mantra Oils with This Simple Meditation

I named many of my products to invoke mantras. For example, when you wear the Peaceful Woman Face Oil, may you remember, “I am peaceful.”

When you apply these oils, my wish is that you repeat the mantra to yourself: say it aloud and let you hear yourself declare: I Am. I am beauty. I am wise. I am rooted. I am blossoming. I Am. Or say it so only you can hear, whispers from your soul. 

We spend so much time in our heads these days, trying to think our way through. But that’s not how we get to the other side. That’s not how we connect with ourselves. Or with anyone, for that matter. 

Instead, we deserve to feel—to tune into our bodies. 

So I ask that you bring the oil up to your nose and take it in, closing your eyes, savoring it for a moment. Then apply it to your skin (for roll-ons, apply it to your wrists, your temples, whichever part of your body calls to it). And now you say the mantra a few times, allowing it, like the scent, to fill you. And, as you do, imagine it moving through your body, infusing you. Every inch. Every cell. First, feel it at the top of your head, from the heavens dropping into you. Feel it slide down behind your third eye—awakening, expanding into you as it drops lower. 

Then let it move down your body, down the center line, the “hara” line, opening and expanding within you. Let it fill you. There is nothing you need to do but allow.

Finally, as it reaches the tips of your toes, let it fall into the earth, rooting you like a tree, connecting with the earth body.

And that is when you let it go: released. This does not mean that you don’t hold the mantra’s intention for you, that you do not want it. Instead, it’s about being present with the feeling, with the experience of the mantra moving through your body, grounding you, and then trusting enough to let it go, to let it recycle into the earth and come back to you as the universe deems fit. 

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