Every Body is Beautiful

I was shopping with my mom last weekend, waiting in the dressing room while she tried on clothes. As I waited, I overheard a conversation between another mom and her daughter as the daughter tried on dresses.

The girl’s voice sounded young and, when I later saw her emerge from the dressing room, she looked about 13.

I heard them discussing the pros and cons of each dress and there’s one that seems to stop both of them in their tracks as the girl breathes in deeply with satisfaction and says, “Oh, I love this one!”

The mom says she does, too, but is worried about the straps: will it be appropriate for church?

The daughter says, “I don’t know but I love it because it makes me look mad skinny.”

The mom says, “I know, it does!”

And that’s when my heart sank. I am not a mother and have no place supposing I would know what to say or do best in this situation.

But I wished the mom would have stopped her daughter right there and said, “You are perfect as you are.” That she would have reminded her that we don’t strive for skinny; we seek to love ourselves in our divine perfection, exactly (and magnificently!) as we are.

Seeking to feel good and healthy in your body matters. But skinny? That has nothing to do with it. No matter your size or shape, you are worthy of love—love from others and, most especially, from yourself.

So this is a friendly reminder: your beauty is complete. There’s nothing you need to change.

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