Every Body is Beautiful

There is no one body shape that is beautiful. In fact, trying to constrain beauty to one image is the antithesis of what beauty really is, which is 




The food we eat matters in shaping our beauty not because it is about looking a certain way, but feeding a certain vibration: our food becomes us. 

Eat real food, because artificial food only feeds artificial beauty.

Eat plants so you can fill yourself with the innately powerful, grounding, and creative energy of Mother Earth. 

Eat less meat because beauty is not created from the commodification and torture of our companion creatures.

Eat organic because beauty stems from peace: pesticides are warring with our earth and killing the bees, the birds. They are poisoning our water, and poisoning the communities that drink the water. This is not beauty, this is ugliness.

And eat with love and self-acceptance, because true beauty cannot blossom without it.

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