Brush your teeth? This FDA banned chemical may be in your body.

Triclosan is a toxic chemical.

So toxic that, last year, the FDA finally banned it from hand soap. The evidence was too glaring to deny: triclosan is linked to liver toxicity, thyroid disruption, and muscle disfunction (including the heart muscle). Yikes.

But before we applaud the FDA, take note: triclosan is still legal in almost every other personal care product, including toothpaste and, yes, even toothbrushes. 

And just because you rinse your mouth out after you brush doesn’t mean you’re safe from harm: triclosan makes its way into the bloodstream. Children who were tested a day after brushing their teeth were found to have 2.5 times as much triclosan in them than children who didn’t. 

That’s right, 24 hours later and it’s still in our bodies. Mindless choices by toothpaste manufacturers are polluting our wellness. We deserve respect and accountability.

It’s not just our bodies that deserve respect, but aren’t getting it. Our insistence on using this toxic antimicrobial is harming our earth, building up in our water supply and the water that’s sprayed over farmland. Yes, our food’s getting an extra dose of toxic triclosan, too. 

In fact, in the environment, triclosan can transform into other carcinogenic chemicals such as dioxins and chloroform

Given the new FDA ban in hand soap, several companies have chosen to remove triclosan from their toothpastes (thank god! one step in the right direction), but Colgate’s still (unconscionably) holding out.

This is besides the fact that Colgate (and most other grocery store toothpastes) continue to choose ingredients like toxic sulfates, artificial colors, fluoride, and a whole host of other questionable—and often unpronounceable—ingredients. (What the f*ck is FD&C blue no.1?)

Remember, this is a choice: manufacturers are willfully including ingredients that don’t celebrate and respect your body. 

But the power is not in their hands, but ours. For the sake of your wellbeing, if you’re still using a toothpaste with a long list of fake + harmful ingredients, it’s time to break up with it up. You deserve to choose self-care products that honor your health + care about our earth. Our longevity demands it. 

My Tea Tree & Clay Toothpowder is handmade with remineralizing clays + powders from the earth and minty, organic plant oils. Brushing with it is a deeply rooting experience that will leave your mouth the healthiest you’ve ever experienced

*After using this toothpowder for a year, I went to a new dentist who told me, “I’ve been in practice for 20 years and you have the healthiest mouth I’ve ever met.”

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