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*Article originally posted on SheRa Magazine by Viva Bianca.

YOU GUYSS…! I’ve stumbled upon a skin care oasis that is too awesome not to share!

This is why I’m lunging across this computer screen with joy right now!! By sheer good luck, when perusing Sustainably Chica blogger I profiled a few weeks ago for “Blogger of The Week,” being the skincare addict that I am, I took pause when I saw ASHLEY ASTI featured in their e-shop. “We do not chase the fountain of youth, but show you how to become the people to whom deep rejuvenation belongs,” their website pledges. This got me thinking . . . since ASHLEY ASTI's essential philosophy is so complicit with SheRa Mag’s—the celebration of female-awesomeness rather than the perpetuation of the male gaze jail-sentence)—and since much of their ingredients were similar to the essential oils and herbs used by Isun, I decided to investigate.

[ . . . ] ASHLEY ASTI's Lavender & Lemon cleanser combines just the right combination of detoxification and replenishment and their Lavender Face Mist is both calming and refreshing. Injecting pure moisture deep into the pores, their Blue Chamomile Ultimate Face Oil is a revelation, while their Ultimate Face Cream, rich in Rose Geranium, Blue Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Lime Peel, and Rose, is deeply hydrating and surprisingly non-oily.

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