I Found Magic in a 30-Day Juice Fast | Over The Moon Magazine


Our bodies are magical.

In fact, in every moment, they’re new. Our skin replaces itself every month, our stomach lining regenerates every five days, and our livers are new every six weeks. What this means, so powerfully, is that in every moment, we can create ourselves anew—we can transform ourselves into something spectacular. It’s in our bones, quite literally.

It was with this miraculous knowledge that I embarked, thirty days ago, on a juice fast. For thirty days, I would take complete responsibility for what entered my body: only vibrant, life-giving nutrients from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables would flow through me. It was time for renewal.

It turned out to be a challenge bigger than I expected. But along the way, I found some magic. Here are the pearls of wisdom 150 glasses of green juice brought me . . . 

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