Project Sweet Case: Help Us Send Care Packages to Children in Foster Care

At ASHLEY ASTI, we not only believe how you treat your body matters, but the way you live your life matters. We are powerfully and inextricably interconnected and it is our responsibility to honor this connection: to consume, create, and connect consciously. 

As part of our mission to spread wellness, body, mind, and spirit, we want to celebrate and support ambitious, soulful projects with positive impacts on our local and global communities. 

Every day, 1,200 children enter foster care in the United States. Together We Rise is a national non-profit organization that changes the way they experience the system.

When most children enter foster care, they receive two trash bags to carry their things from home to home. We believe they deserve more love and care than this. Our mission with Project Sweet Case is to change this: we're raising money to hand-pack and personally decorate (a minimum of) ten sweet cases, or suitcases, that will be given to children in foster care on Long Island. We believe that when we spread them love, it will keep on growing. 

Every sweet case includes a duffel bag (which we'll decorate by hand), a self-care kit, blanket, coloring books, and crayons. It costs $30 to send a sweet case to a single child in foster care. Please help us in supporting ten children with your donation of any size. Every bit counts; we are that powerful.

These children have purpose and passion and our mission is to celebrate them. Together, we rise.

*A special thanks to my friend Mikayla, whose personal story, strength, and compassion inspired this project.

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