One Reason to Honor the Oceans

“Water was not meant to be polluted, any more than human blood, which is mostly water, is meant to be contaminated.” 
- Alice Walker

Eight million tons of plastic trash end up in our planet’s oceans each year. And it takes thousands of years for each piece of plastic waste to degrade—picture that. But even after thousands of years, after millennia and after generations, this plastic waste never breaks down. It never disappears, but simply pulls apart into smaller pieces; our plastic waste remains, making the pollution of our oceans with it irrevocable. We can’t go back. 

And entire marine species are dying because of it—finding themselves tangled in our plastic waste and dying from exposure to plastic’s toxic chemicals.

What can you do?

Do everything in your power not to buy plastic water bottles—or any disposable plastic. Think of the containers your cosmetics come in, your take out food arrives in, the bags you use at the grocery store, the container your laundry detergent comes from. Choose companies that honor your health and the longevity of the planet with glass or other sustainable packaging. Buy a reusable water bottle; bring your own bags; carry your own reusable, sustainable to-go cup when you order coffee or tea. The steps are simple and all it takes is one action from one person. 

The world doesn’t change; we do—one person and one action at a time.



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  • Emilee says...

    A very important message. Water means so much and represents life on a physical and spiritual level. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    November 16, 2015

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