"If you take life . . . "

“If you take life to be a training ground for your soul, as in your soul gave you this human incarnation to learn lessons, your relationship to your body has to be one of the most important lessons.”
- J. Shanley

We must recognize that our bodies are the temples that house our souls, our god-like essence. Honor your body, enter into a relationship of deep self-care, if only to reflect the light within. Our body is our home, guarding the soul, carrying it through this lifetime. Celebrate it.

You are worthy.

How can you celebrate your body?

1. Feed your body organic food from the earth, untouched by pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or man’s (and woman’s) genetic modifications.

2. Grace your skin with organic ingredients from the earth—oils and plant essences untouched by pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and man’s genetic modifications. Your body absorbs everything you put on it—if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t grace your skin with it.

3. Treat the earth as your child. Earth is not only the mother—Mother Earth; we are the mothers and fathers, too. Become an earth warrior; be an activist. It takes only moments. Write letters to your representatives, recycle, use less plastic (it never degrades!) and more glass, bring a reusable water bottle, choose local and organic foods as much as possible. Little steps add up, especially when we do them together.

4. Dance, play, move. Experience your body and this life with joy.

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