For Earth's Sake


When we spray the earth with pesticides, covering the land we live on and the food we eat with poisons, we must remember we are spraying ourselves. 

We are what we eat: from the microscopic physical level to the highest spiritual level, we are everything we take in. Food matters.

The problem is we are disconnected from our food: we don’t know where it comes from, who grows it, what it looks like, or how it should taste (in its natural state). We substitute the fake for the real, the artificial for life force.

And, now, we’re substituting the poisonous for the sacred: we have forgotten what an act of terror it is to cover the earth—the land that feeds us, the Mother from which we come—in toxins. Talk about weapons of mass destruction.


The earth is awesomely receptive. In remarkable feats of endurance, strength, forgiveness, and boundless love, She takes everything we give her. As we devastate her seeds, her waters, and her air with poisons; as we cover the land through which she breathes with concrete; and as we weigh her down with a population unchecked, she shows no hate and seeks no vengeance. 

This is written in celebration of the earth, to whom we owe everything.

Until we recognize this truth—we are the earth, our connection to it irrevocable and undeniable—we will know neither health nor peace. What we do to our natural abode, we do to ourselves. For earth’s sake and for our own, we must behave consciously.

Yes, now we must end our contemptible and misbegotten reign. If God gave us dominion over the earth, She did not give it for us to act recklessly. It is time to end the pillaging and the polluting and the blindness with which we act over her. Now is the time and we are the ones.

Because this is not just about the health of our children’s children, but our health right now. We are plagued with chronic illness at such high rates that we have forgotten how unnatural it is. No, to suffer chronic pain, to be so frequently tired that coffee must be around every corner, to sleep poorly, to have heart burn, and to be so chronically unhappy is not ok. Our birthright is luminosity.

May we be the earth’s stewards, serving Her with the utmost humility and delight. Together, we can teach the world that to serve the earth is, perhaps, our greatest calling.

Let’s create a movement.

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