How to Use each Face Oil


I designed each Face Oil to serve your body and your spirit in their entirety. It is a multifunctional product with the earth coursing through it. I want you to feel the earth on your skin as you use it and, as you do, to become more acquainted with the earth, to experience a deeper communion and a deeper recognition that the earth is in us, in you. 

I want you to know that this is skin food; may each Face Oil feed your skin, wherever you apply it. Literally, may it give your skin and your body more life force energy, more plant-based power. May you feel and smell the plant essences in their full bloom, as they were when they were in the earth. May you imagine the soil teeming with vital life. May you imagine the sun soaking into the plants until they are picked at the peak of ripeness—at their sweet spot—with the farmer’s hands. Imagine the aroma as they are distilled into precious plant oils.

The Face Oils are designed to serve your skin completely. There is so much noise in this world, so many distractions, so much outside energy. Excess ingredients and poisons in our food, our water, our air, the products we cover our bodies in. We’ve lost touch with our need to get back to the earth: to simplify. 

Should you find pleasure and joy in selecting from an array of products each day, from products that come from the earth, honor the earth, and are created with love and sustainable beauty in mind, wonderful! Celebrate that and enjoy as many as you'd like. Bask in what you love. Should you, however, want a clearer space in your bathroom and your body, one is all you need. Let this one product, the Face Oil, nourish you.

You can cleanse your face with it, moisturize, use it under makeup as a primer; on hands, lips, feet, elbows, and toes. In your hair to tame frizziness and offer repairing moisture that, once again, provides an extra dose of plant goodness.

Instructions on how to use each Face Oil

When I wash my face with it, I like to smell in the aromas first, really dive into the experience. As I take in its aroma, I like to remind myself what I’m putting on my skin because what we put on our skin becomes us, literally. 60% of what goes on our bodies ends up in our bloodstream; we must remember this and we must treat our skincare products as food and we must hold them up to just as high a standard. 

To cleanse, squirt a couple drops of the oil on your palm, then rub your hands together and use your fingers to massage the oil onto your face, enjoying the feeling.

Once done, dampen a cloth (preferably a natural fiber cloth, but whatever you have will do. Don’t throw out what you already have to get a more sustainable version. Until the cloth you have can no longer be used in any way, even to clean up after the dog, there’s no need to add to the waste already on our planet. Only once it cannot serve you or your home in any way, replace it with a more sustainable option. The earth and our future generations will thank you for this).

So, to return to where we were: to cleanse your face, dampen a cloth and use it to “pull” off the oil you just applied to your skin. As you do so, the oil will bring with it any makeup or impurities that have accumulated on your face during the day or over night. The simple rubbing of the cloth will also gently exfoliate skin, removing the old to make room for the new.

At this point, a faint residue and scent of the oil may remain on your skin; this is fine. Let it moisturize and plumpen your glowing skin!

Depending on your routine, you may choose to follow the cleansing experience with some added moisture: usually a couple more drops of the oil massaged into skin and, should you desire it, a spritz of a face mist. I like to rub the two together—a couple drops of oil and one spritz of the face mist—in my hand and then apply the mixture to my face. Oftentimes, I wear this combination under makeup; its delicious plant power secretly heals my skin under makeup and makes my powder foundation stay in place all day. 

At night, I like to truly nourish and love my skin with an extra layer of cream. I apply the Ultimate Face Cream after cleansing or after an additional massage of the oil-mist mixture. 

But, again, only one product is necessary if you want to clear space in your home and in your mind. Use the Face Oil as your cleanser, your makeup primer, and your follow-up moisturizer. Find the routine and magical combinations that work for you. 

This oil is my love offering to you, the first product I ever created to heal my skin so many years ago. When I used it, I discovered that I was able to touch my face with my own love: to grace it with what was created with my own hands. And, feeling that, my skin healed. My hope is to pass that feeling—the feeling of plant goodness and my labor of love—on to you. 

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