Why Edible Beauty Care Will Save the Planet | ASHLEY ASTI


Two years ago, I founded an organic skincare line rooted in an ethic of wellness. For two years, I have grown and shared this line with lots of love. But, today, I know that is not enough.

Our planet is in crisis—which means we are in crisis. We cannot forget our joint destiny. And so it is time for me to do more than create packaged products: it is time for me to launch a vision of the future of our planet—a vision of more than beautiful skin, but beautiful living. There is no beauty when we’re not in alignment with our planet.

Indeed, if we are to save this earth and discover unbridled wellness for ourselves, we need to rediscover the feeling of Earth on our skin. We need to nourish this natural connection until we know—better yet, remember—that we are, indeed, the earth. Separateness is our greatest and most catastrophic illusion. 

If we are to save this planet, we need to learn to use our food scraps as skin food and to see the connection between food, Earth, skin, and health. Leftover avocado is a great face mask; aloe is a tremendous beauty food—scoop the inside of an aloe leaf into your smoothie and apply the rest to your skin. It's a natural skin toner and face lift. You'll be amazed by the results. 

Organic olive oil can condition your hair and your skin. Our own kitchens and farmers markets are the first places we should go for our beauty routine; packaged skincare is a second-place luxury and, only when created sustainably, takes the place of what we cannot make ourselves. 

We must strive for zero-waste in everything we do.

Because the truth is we are over-consuming the earth; this is not unsustainable for our children: this is unsustainable right now. The ecological crisis is not going to happen in some distant future; it's already happening. In our lifetimes. Right now, as you read this, sip your coffee, text on your phone. Our coral reefs are dying today; our sea life—literally the bodies of sea birds and whales and fish—are washing ashore, polluted with toxic, non-biodegradable plastics. They are dying because we desire convenience. We forget that a deeply troubled earth is no convenience; it is an extreme sacrifice. Our earth is recording the highest temperatures in history; we have dead zones—literally thousands of miles without life—in our oceans. Fracking is causing earthquakes; pesticides are killing the bees that pollinate one-third of our food and they're killing us. Cancer rates are almost one in two in the United States. Between me and you, that means one of us. 

We must act. 

We must learn ourselves and teach our children the connection between our wellbeing and our earth. We must redefine beauty for our children to be the magnetism that comes to us when we’re aligned with our planet. Nothing else.

As the founder of an organic skincare line, I can say that we do not always need the $100 jar of skin cream, most especially when it's packaged in plastic that's toxic to produce, toxic to use, and toxic to incinerate and when its ingredients are no longer pronounceable or recognizable as things from nature. And most outrageously when its ingredients are scientifically known to poison the earth and our bodies; you'd be shocked to know the poisons that go into your 'beauty' and that bioaccumulate in our bodies. Our planet has become so toxic that newborn babies are now being born with nearly 200 pesticides in their umbilical cords. No wonder we are sick and tired. 

Yes, to resuscitate this planet, we need to realize that every choice we make is powerful—our individual actions have global, planetary ramifications. Every choice we make signals demand, and signals the planet's direction. Self-care is Earth care and mindless, spirit-less choices about our wellbeing equally mark the globe's fate. We must consider everything. 

There is no longer time for us to marginalize sustainable living. We must see beyond the borders of our store shelves and look into the earth: our life force is there. Our vitality. Our beauty.

The revolution begins with us, with our hands, our spirits, our actions.

It is time. Will you join me?

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